Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sears vs. Willis - Rape Juice

Ok, 'Willis Tower'. Seriously? I've never liked the name 'Sears Tower' to begin with, but 'Willis Tower' is simply the worst sounding thing ever. To many humans around the world Chicago is solely known for the large Sky-Scraper it possesses. Since that name is so well known, it should be something that represents the city as a whole. The name 'Sears Tower', to me, implies that Chicago is cool, urban and sheik. The way 'Willis Tower' sounds reminds me of an old man. Even the Willis company itself looks like it's for old boring business people (http://www.willis.com/). Not only does the name Willis remind me of an old man, but something rather dirty. It's the same concept as when "Gallans" was renamed as "Dick's". The word Willis simply puts my mind in the gutter. As if the Sears tower isn't enough of a phallic symbol already. If you don't understand how I'm making this dirty connection look at this: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=willis ......... Urban Dictionary never ceases to inform me of new disgusting actions I didn't know were done.... In my eyes, there will always be a Sears Tower in Chicago, Willis is just horrible sounding. What do you think?

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