Saturday, May 2, 2009

Movies and Yard Work

Yesterday was quite a relaxing day. I watched 3 movies.

The first was "Man on Wire"... STRANGE STRANGE man... absolutely insane. This Phillipe character was reading the paper one morning, saw the twin towers were being built, and on the spot decided he wanted to walk across them. Odd. Very odd. I would be petrified with fright. It was also strangely magnificent though. Where at the beginning of the movie I thought he had a mental illness by the end of it he seemed more like a complete genius.

The Second was "Swan Princess". That was hilarious because it was soooo dramatic and the lines they used were just.. wow. immature. I guess that's what you get in a kids film though. I used to LOVE that series when I was younger.

The third was "Risky Business" HAHAHA, hilarious movie. Now I wanna call a prostitude, crash my nonexistent porche and become a pimp so I can get into an ivy league college!

The down side.. I went to bed at like 2 in the morning and then my mom woke me up at 9 and I had to do yard work. At first I was totally repelled by the idea of working outside. I love the outdoors but I HATE trimming bushes grass and pulling weeds. Although it wasn't too bad because my mom let me used the hege trimmer to cut some tall grass. . . Muwahahaha. At first I was afriad i'd kill myself, but then after chopping all that grass down I never felt so ALIVE! The power to just snipsnipsnip without using any force is a bit intoxicating. Wow. I sound like a creepy serial killer. On another note the weather was really nice, and it made me want to plant my own garden. The only problem is I have no flowers and I need to study for my upcoming AP AND write a 15 page essay. Can you say fml?

As I was cutting the grass I had some time to think, one idea is resonating in my head. What's the difference between a journal, blog, and diary? I'd think a diary is personal thoughts, a journal is like a recolition of the day... so what do you do on a blog? You can't get to personal, because it's on the web, and you don't want to just list what you did that day because nobody really cares! I find this all very confusing. Any opinions?