Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Glasses

I'm utterly disappointed.

I've been waiting for the longest time to get a pair of glasses. My contacts dry my eyes out so that no-matter how hard I try to stay awake and do my homework, my eyes close, and I fall asleep. My previous pair of glasses had a thick grouping of scratches right in my line of vision, making it nearly impossible to read anything. So about a month ago my mom told me to make myself an eye-doctor appointment. Being the lazy-butt I am, I email Pearle Vision. I remember musing at how cool it was to be able to schedule an appointment online, because then I didn't have to leave the computer in the middle of my very important computer business! Well, after I went to my appointment, feeling very proud to have done so on my own, my mom says, "Where did you go? I hope you didn't go to Pearle, they always mess up the prescription." Annoyed at my mother's lack of appreciation for my new found independence, I decided to dismiss her concern. After all, a doctor is a doctor... how badly could they screw up? HAH.

Many weeks later (today) I go to pick up my eye-glasses. They were beautiful, Juicy Couture, rectangle lenses (though my mom was against it because she thought the longer the lense the thicker... pshh). I couldn't REALLY see them on me in the store, because I didn't want to take my contacts off, but I knew they'd look good, so it didn't really matter. I arrive home super stoked and take out my contacts so I could wear my glasses. I try them on and... WOAH it's like I grew a foot and i'm staring at people though binoculars. Now, I've worn glasses since 4th grade, and I know when you get a new pair they can feel a little different, but I mean WOAH. I look at myself in the mirror and can't help but feel cross eyed; and i'm complete unable to focus. I close my left eye, everything looks normal. I close my right eye, everything's double. Crap. The left eye is way too blury, I think it's the difference in clerity between the two eyes that makes it so difficult to see. I take them off to look at them and notice how incredibly thick the lenses are. At first I thought "Ohh well that's not that big of a deal, it doesn't effect my vision at all like mom said." Then I look at it from the other side and the word four eyes has a whole new meaning. Looking into the corner of my glasses I could see four of everything thanks to the thick curvature. 

The once sweet fondness I had for my glasses has turned sour. I'm wearing them right now and can't see a thing. Now I have to have another eye appointment, wait another two weeks, and put my eyes though another round of irritation through wearing them into the wee hours of the morn... all because I didn't go to the right eye doctor. I am utterly dissapointed in myself and these dumb glasses.

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