Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Signs of Spring

I should be writing a paper on the economic policies of Russia and Iran, but I find blogger a much more satisfying way to use my writing skills. Not to mention today's weather was just beautiful, how could I possibly be able to sit at the computer and type a paper? (Ironically... I'm sitting on the computer... and typing this story.) Just smelling the air before a rainfall automatically puts me in a good mood and papers do the opposite.  Why should shoo away the warm fuzzies?  Honestly, I don't think I'm going to write this paper.
 Spring has truly begun at my household. I don't care what the groundhog said... IT'S HERE.  There are these white, tear-drop shaped flowers that grow beside my driveway and are the first thing to bloom each year.  My dad used to announce their coming upon his arrival home from work each spring, and my younger self would run out to look at them regardless of whether or not I had already seen them on my journey home from school. It's weird to think i've only experienced the joy of their first arrival 16  times.  I don't know why they hold so much meaning, but seeing them just makes me feel ten times stronger and more cheerful. Today I almost missed them.  I was walking up the driveway and passed them without a thought, but when I turned around to close the fence I looked up for some reason and somehow got a glimpse of white (and I automatically knew what it was).  It felt like my dad was pointing them out to me, but I'm not sure I believe that. 
My mom's been asking me to take pictures of flowers for her to hang since this time last year; so I decided to take some snapshots of the first sign of spring. BOY, what an adventure.  It was extremely muddy and windy; I took off my socks and shoes (brand new white pumas) and the wind blew my socks away! I looked for them but was too lazy too rummage around under the bushes so I ignored their disappearance. My mom would kill me if she knew... but I don't really care; I mean, I can't, it's already too late. 
Sadly all my pictures turned out horribly thanks to my lack of attention for detail.  There were some cords from the christmas lights laying on the ground (bright, ugly, orange ones), and they managed to get into all my favorite photos.  Also, most of my worms eye view pictures had  rabbit feces in them ... very attractive.  Although I did happen to catch a few damn good pictures of a lady bug (good as in content...  not in clarity =[ ).  Sadly that's about it. However I don't care if my pictures look like crap... IT'S SPRING!  And these photos can only help me to find my flaws and fix them.  Hooraay for learning!! 

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  1. I think it's a wonderful little picture..says spring is coming to me..By the way nice start to a blog.