Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Is there anybody going to listen to my story?"

I feel weird getting personal with, well, nothing... and something! ... if you know what I mean. I'm not talking to anyone, but someone is going to read this. As I type right now I can feel the impatience settling in my stomach.  That feeling you get when you're trying to tell a story, and mid-sentence the listener averts his/her attention; thus triggering a series of emotions. When you finally notice said listener is not paying attention, you try to speak a little louder because maybe they just forgot you;  they continue to ignore you then the embarrassment sets in... Not only have you been pushed aside as the lesser of two occurrences, but you tried to regain their attention like a sad little puppy dog!  After standing there for a few moments, waiting until you can speak again, your confidence is completely shattered from lack of attention. 

So right now I guess I feel like that sad little puppy dog trying to gain your attention.  I hope I do, but in a positive "aww how adorable" way rather than the  angry"go away dog!" way.  (mind you this is a metaphor, I'd rather no one ever came up to me and said "aww how adorable!"... or to "go away dog" for that matter. 

Well, goodbye! 
... person who isn't there... 

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